Sandboxed Sandbox - are too much layers insecure?

Im running Vista x64, Comodo Firewall, Avast Antivirus, Windows Defender, Sandboxie and Firefox Portable to surf through the web.

I got a few questions related to this setup:

The Comodo Firewall puts Sandboxie in its Sandbox. I havnt found out any negative effects yet. But everything that gets through sandboxie (e.g. i allowed FireFox Portable Bookmarks to be safed outside of sandboxie) is stored on the local hard drive and remains there
[b]Shouldnt the Comodo Sandbox prevent the files from beeing stored?[/b]
Is my Anti-X-Ware Setup ok or do i provide security holes by using that much layers of protection software?

Thanks for reading.

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sandboxie doesnt need to run in the comodo sandbox. this wouldnt give any additional security. sandboxie is a real sandbox.
as you see comodo sandbox is accepting things to be stored on your drive, without telling to, you can see the difference between sandboxie and comodo sandbox already.
i wouldnt wonder if the combination of these two could make hidden problems, up to reducing the security of sandboxie…

if you want to use comodo sandbox, then use it as “automatic sandboxing of new files”, not as a real full sandbox, because it isnt one. it has good effects, but it isnt one.

how is the comodo sandbox not a real one?what is the difference between csb and sandboxie?thanks.

just to say one example:

sandboxie will erase everything that happened inside it, if the setting is well.

comodo sandbox allows things to stay on the drive, as this sandbox is “default handling things”. its a compromise between useabillity and protection.

if you try sandboxie, you will find out all the difference.

:-TU actually running both and do not appear to be having any problems at all.i only sandbox my this a healthy way of running my computer?all the best and thanks. ???