Sandboxed Programs Uninstall

A program installed sandboxed i.e Unlimited Access popup, I clicked “Run Isolated”. To uninstall this program, Unlimited Access popup -

Run Isolated - will not remove the program completely, right?

Run Unlimited - will remove the program completely? or to remove the program completely it is necessary to first manually remove the program related files from “Unrecognized Files” lists?

Unlimited Access popup - “Trust Program” option gives the program installer/updater rights? Which should I choose “Run Unlimited” or “Trust Program”?
Help Files - “If you select ‘Trust this application’ then CIS will include this to Trusted Files list and no future alerts will be generated when you run the same application.” Does checking “Trust Program” the popup disappears or new options are there?

Run Isolated will run the program under whatever level you have set the BB to.

Run Unlimited will run the program outside of the sandbox, thus giving it permission to modify almost whatever it wants.

I believe if you choose to trusted the program it will be added to the trusted files list, and therefore allocated all permissions which trusted files have. Thus, I would expect no more popups if you choose to trust it, or to run it as unlimited. The only ones you may get are those for the Firewall, depending on how you have it configured.

Does that answer your questions?


My question was how to completely uninstall programs that are installed sandboxed through unlimited rights popup?

Does choosing run unlimited during uninstall completely uninstalls programs that were installed sandboxed?

or choosing run isolated during uninstall is enough as the programs were installed choosing run isolated too?

or remove files from unrecognized files & choose run unlimited during uninstall?

CIS6 latest default settings.

I apologize. I misunderstood your question. I’ll do my best to answer it.

Yes. That will run the uninstaller with full rights. Thus, it will be permitted to remove all of the relevant files and make any other changes necessary for uninstalling a program.

No. Just like any other program run under the BB setting, the uninstaller would be prevented from making many changes. Thus, it would likely either fail to run at all, or it would run but only be able to make a subset of the changes necessary to uninstall a program.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, but you should always either make the uninstaller a trusted file, or you should choose run unlimited from the popup. Either should work in order to allow it to uninstall an application successfully.

I mean when an app is installed sandboxed then files are there in unrecognized files list. So I thought first I have to manually remove the related files from unrecognized files list & then run the uninstall otherwise those files will not be removed. But as per you, no need to do that, choose run unlimited on the popup during uninstall & everything will be removed, right?

If the installer is sandboxed it won’t be able to put all of the files in and make all desired changes. Thus, there’s a chance the installation will go wrong. However, I think that if the uninstaller is run it should still be able to remove everything, as even if some files weren’t installed, or changes made, that part of the uninstaller would just be skipped, but the rest of the operations would succeed.

Thus, I think you’re fine as long as you run the uninstaller as unlimited.

Thanxx Chiron