Sandboxed Firefox shows only an empty page

could somebody help me with my problem, please?

When I open a Firefox window in the CIS sandbox, I only get an empty white page with the address bar and the default buttons. Whatever www address I write to the address bar, I always get only the emty page.

Non-sandboxed Firefox or sandboxed via Sandboxie works without problems.

Does any of you have any similar experience? I would highly appreciate any help. Thank you

Hi Stannerwoman,

Thanks for taking time to report. We will look into it.

Kind Regards,

Just tried that with the CIS 6710 RC and it works fine - Firefox 62.0.2 on Win10

It starts stright to the white screen New Tab you describe, but after after several seconds it flashes back to my normal Home Tabs and bars

What is your OS and CIS and FF versions?

Sandboxie is interfering with CIS, either use one or the other for sandboxing not both.

Thank you very much. It’s kind of you.

I have Firefox 61.0.2 on Win10 and CIS

Update: I installed Firefox 62.0.0 and it started working normally! :azn: :-TU
Thank you so much! :-*

I do not use them both at the same time. Does Sandboxie interfere with CIS even when it is not used?

Yes it could just like having two AV installed while one is not active can cause issues, but seeing as you updated firefox and it works, it may not be an incompatibility, but there is a chance that issues could happen in the future when a new version of CIS or sandboxie gets installed.