sandboxed files disappeared


I tried to update a program (astroburn) and a pop up appeared (screenshot).
I knew it was not malware (virustotal), but i decided to to sandbox just to see if it could work ok (just curiosity).
The program did not install correctly and the original program stopped working.
42 files were sandboxed. 2 days later i tried a lookup and they were still unknown, but 30 seconds later when i went again to CIS5 they were gone. I went to D+ events to see if they were scanned online but nothing (screenshot), and they are not in the trusted files.
What happened to them, is this normal?

BTW when i used ISOrecorder, wich is a safe file (installed it), this two files (screenshot) went to the trusted files, but i manually put them in the untrusted files to do a lookup and they were unknown. Were they in the trusted files because isorecorder was a safe file.

Many Thanks

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