Just updated to the latest version and was confronted with ‘sandbox popups’ at reboot concerning certain programs. They said no action need be taken so I didn’t take any action. Result was several programs stopped working. eg Notepad, Clipdiary. I removed all references from Sandbox and they now function.
Thing is, from recall there was no option to ignore the sandbox action and I had to poke around to get stuff going again. I just didn’t know what sandbox was about and still not quite sure - does it just disable any program that it refers too at bootup or whatever? Is there a way to stop it sanboxing a program that it refers to? Apologies if those are dumb questions!

you can completely disable the sandbox or set defense+ to clean pc mode. i always set defense+ to clean pc mode as i find this mode very comfortable for average users. but before setting to clean pc mode scan your pc and ensure that there are no malwares.


You should find them in My Pending Files. Moving it manually in My Own Safe Files should do the trick.

Thanks Naren and Burebista. :-TU