Sandbox without antivirus

Hi all,

I’m been using Comodo freeware Antivirus on Win10 for a couple of months and I have problem with it’s auto scanning feature. It does a full scan every couple of days which makes my computer barely usable for about 10 hours which makes antivirus portion a no go for me. However I do like sandboxing/containment feature and I would like to use it.

My question is it possible to have sandboxing but without antivirus (at least without taskscheduller tasks for it)?
I’ve tried deleting taskscheduller tasks for autoscanning but they keep coming back after each restart.
I do not mind if it’s a paid product or not.

Is it possible to have sandboxing (containment) working without active antivirus

You can disable or edit the Full System Scan under Scan Profiles. That should do the trick.

Thanks, that worked.

One more question, is there a way to prevent other (like telemetry) schedulled tasks to be created in the first place?

You can disable them using the UI under Options → Logging disable Send anonymous programs usage statistics to Comodo and various one under File Rating → File Rating Settings.

Thanks Eric, I have them all disabled/unchecked but tasks are still created in the scheduller.