Sandbox Web Content?

From what I understand of Chrome and Firefox is that each Chrome tab is kind of sandboxed, in that if one tab (process) becomes unstable, it doesn’t affect the other tabs (please correct me if I’m wrong) but if the same occured to Firefox, it would affect the whole application.

With Dragon, would it be possible to sandbox just the web content (remote data). Web content being the page that is loaded and everything else that is going on in the background (java, javascript, flash, etc).

AFAIK, Dragon and Chromodo can only be sandboxed if CIS is installed. After all, it’s the content within the page that infects a computer. So Dragon/Chromodo would run normally (settings, extensions, etc) but the actual content (i.e below bookmarks bar) would be sandboxed by default (a kind of default deny incognito mode). Of course, have the option of setting cookies, other stuff outside the sandbox.

This would be useful for those users who don’t use CIS/CCAV (have their own security package) and add an additional layer of protection to their system