'Sandbox until I say otherwise' option on autosandbox alerts. [4.1.x.920 x32]

When you get an autosandbox alert you may wish to be cautious and keep the file in the sandbox, but not want to be reminded it is there on each reboot or run.

So the autosandbox alert could have an option to ‘Run the program in the sandbox until I say otherwise’. This would simply add the program to the sandbox as if you had added it using ‘Add a program to the sandbox’ with limited, non-virtualised privs. (An option to virtualise it might also be offered?).

This would also help people manage some of the ‘cannot make file safe, so I get repeated alerts’ bugs until these can be resolved.

Best wishes


This is a good idea. I have a lot of programs that are sandboxed, but if they run fine, I don’t worry about them. I’ve reported the ones that were sandboxed and affected in their operation (the devs were quick to add them to their safe list). I get numerous sandbox pop-ups for the programs that are unaffected. To lessen my annoyance, I’ve set the alert to 5 seconds. Being able to tell CIS it’s OK to keep them sandboxed until further notice would make my annoyances a lot less! :-TU