sandbox settings

half a year ago I postes on the same subject:;msg762273#msg762273

but still I don’t know which option I should choose for the sandbox options:
clicking “Fully virtualized” gives a message that it is only for advanced users, and i 'm not, so I choose Partially limited? with the link in the previous post I came to this: Configure the Sandbox
But I can’t find the answer there, I use the free modus of of CIS,
thanx in advance

Chiron discusses this extensively on the site I think

I think the best way would be to upgrade to the v.8 version of CIS.
This version ONLY has “fully virtualized” settings.

My version did have a option “fully virtualized”" but this gave a warning it is only for advanced users, and I’m not. I did select "update"in the main commodo menu, but I did see version V8.

O, now I see the HIPS section dissapeared, problem solved I guess,
Tahnx for helping