Sandbox setting info

Sandbox settings - “Enable automatic startup for services installed in the sandbox”.
Can anyone give detail info on this plzz?

I’d also like to know… :-TU

According to: Configure Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security, Desktop Software | Internet Security

Enable automatic startup for services installed in the sandbox - By default, CIS does not permit sandboxed services to run at Windows startup. Select this check-box to allow them to do so. (Default = Enabled)
Say you run an installer or some application that installs a windows service that is set to automatically start when windows start inside the sandbox (fully virtualized/virtual desktop) this options determines if that service will be allowed to start with windows.

so really, it could be disabled unless you specifically need it…


So it can be safely disabled & is related to sandboxed programs only & doesn’t apply to not sandboxed programs, right?

Yes and yes.

Thanxx for the info.