Sandbox reset loop

Sandbox stuck in a reset loop.
Killswitch shows no Virtual processes running.
Advanced settings wont open from widget, GUI or icon.

Killswitch screens and config attached,
I haven’t rebooted yet so any other data needed ?

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Is it anything like my issue?;new#new

Or is it something else?

I would say very similar also my cache cleaner appears quite busy…
I will add on to your bug report unless told different.

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2 hours 38 minutes + on Cache Cleaner? 60%+ on the CPU for this would say that this is most likely the root of the problem. If you ever have the same problem again, does pausing the Cache Cleaner fix the problem with the Sandbox resetting?

I can see the logic in this however pausing the cache cleaner made no difference.
After a reboot virtual Dragon opened as if it had just been installed ie, Yahoo homepage and no extensions, see screenshot -
I will add this to SanyaIV’s bug report shortly.

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