Sandbox Questions

Can I install a new program in the COMODO Sandbox and will that new installation program 100% remain in the COMODO sandbox and not write anything to my Windows Vista registry and not save anything outside of the COMODO sandbox? Does COMODO sandbox create an imitation windows registry where new installations write to?

And in the main menu it says “3 applications currently running in sandbox”. But how can I view those 3 files easily and decide if I want them to run in sandbox or not? When I click on the message in Summary, it won’t let me jump to the 3 programs running in sandbox…so I am lost…where are they and how do I decide if I want them to continue running in sandbox or not?


most programs should work in the sandbox. The automatic sandbox is not like traditional sandboxes where it creates a virtualized environment. at its current state it restricts the applications rights depending on what setting you have it set at. partially limited is the default and i attached a screenshot that tells what restrictions partially limited has. here is the FAQ for the automatic and manuel sandbox. to view whats in the sandbox go to defense + and then click view active process list and there is a column that says sandbox level. disabled means its not in the sandbox. if you do not want something to run in the sandbox and you know that application is safe follow this guide. If you run an application in the manuel sandbox, it will have file system virtualization and registry virtualization here is a guide for running programs in the sandbox and browsers in the sandbox
if you have any more questions let me know

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