sandbox problems

hello there
i recently installed win7 and have problems with sandbox i didnt have on xp.
firefox foxit pdf plugin can not open pdf in a browser tab and displays a message it cant locate the temporary file.

the sandbox summary page notes i have several firefox and plugin-container processes when only one is actually running.

another problem which is not in sandbox - i noticed on the forums that members discuss product version that is higher then the one i use,but,when i try to search for updates i get the message that im running the most current version.

my configurations :
os- win7 ultimate 32bit (i run a limited user account)
comodo firewall version - 5.0.162636.1135 - both firewall and defence+ at safe mode, sandbox enabled and firefox 4b6 sandboxed as limeted app.

when using the same configurations on xp sp3 i had non of the issues above.

this is no a bug report, if anyone had these problems and know how to solve them ill be happy to hear.