Sandbox not working? [RESOLVED]

Hi folks,

first of all I’d like to say thanks for CIS beeing free and constantly updated. :-TU

Whenever i start a program CIS (the sandbox part) shows me a popup and asks me if I want to keep the application inside of the sandbox. BUT the program isn’t running in the sandbox.

I start notepad.exe, the popup tells me that it runs inside of the sandbox and I save a simple text file to D:\text.txt.
Now i open the explorer and navigate to D:\ and the file is there, and no explorer.exe isn’t sandboxed.

When i run notepad.exe via the “Run a Program in the Sandbox” dialog and do exactly the same everything seems to work fine. (the file won’t be locatable withing the explorer)

Did i miss anything?

Automatic sandboxing does not implement file/registry virtualization. So a file can create and drop files, but it cannot modify protected resources such as files in System32.


Please also see here.

Your queries now seem to now been resolved. I’ll lock this topic and mark as [RESOLVED] should you have any further queries relating to this specific issue please PM an online Moderator and the topic can then be re-opened. If you have any other queries or issues please create a new topic.