Sandbox not honoring exclusion after restart

OS: Windows 10 x64
Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.0.379757.116
Even if I add to exclusion asus xonar stx audio center still gets sandboxed every restart. This also happens in CIS. Installer can be downloaded here.

Here is my screenshot. As you can see at the right I already set in sandbox setting to run outside sandbox but after restarting it automatically sandbox again. Please fix Thanks.

Hi southwind,

Thank you very much for your feedback and we will be checking the problem on QA side.

Will get back to you then.

Kind Regards

Okay I’ll wait. Btw if incase you have trouble duplicating it in your QA I’m willing to subject my computer for remote control so you can investigate. Thank you BuketB. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you for your support southwind.

Kind Regards