sandbox issue [RESOLVED]

I have a strange problem with sandbox: looks like the virtual registry hive (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Sandbox) and the Sandbox working folder (c:\sandbox) have disappeared from my system. I’ve tried to disable and enable the sandbox as well as the file system virtualization and the registry virtualization with no result ???

In latest version it’s called VritualRoot (and it’s not a typo).

Thanks. Sorry for my ignorance, but there is a way to see and clean the content of this VritualRoot? I don’t like that CIS leaves a lot of useless files on my hard disk…

Ok, I’ve found the folder. Thanks again.


Your queries now seem to now been resolved. I’ll lock this topic and mark as [RESOLVED] should you have any further queries relating to this specific issue please PM an online Moderator and the topic can then be re-opened. If you have any other queries or issues please create a new topic.