Sandbox in current form is bad

RC version contains all features and fixed major bugs and it’s only purpose is to fix remaining minor bugs.

Why not use some tooltip messages like online armor for blocked processes?

why not also, when you execute an unkown app, add to the defense+ allow/block dialog an option, “Execute in sandbox” and when you press it first time, let the user specify if he wants ALL unkown apps into the sandbox (also explaining what this behaviour can cause, aka so many things not working), or if he prefers to be asked in the allow/block dialog.

Ok it would be more dialog-heavy than actual implementation if the users wants to be asked for every new app instead of be auto-sandboxed but… well.

Ill explain it easier bcs my english sucks, just add a Yes/No into the sandbox dialog when defense+ popups to the current implementation. That would also help advanced users, i like to run some apps in sandbox, most of the apps i try are “safe”, but turning off/on sandbox always its pretty ZZZZ (and since i auto-open em from browser, i dont get the, Open with sandbox right click menu)

just my opinion tho :a0

Often the biggest changes come while in beta/(maybe) RC. So some are trying to get the sandbox improved/fixed before any “final” release. :slight_smile:

My biggest gripe with CIS has always been the problems it causes with updating well known safe things like World of Warcraft , Steam, and other similar things. Since they have stated that games will not be added to the safe list and since now CIS will not even let me add Blizzard Entertainment to my trusted vendors and will not allow the files to even be submitted, I have serious reservations about this sandboxing integration. I can only see my problems being exacerbated by the sandbox. If games are not going to be whitelisted, I can only assume that they will be sandboxed and consequently , fail to work properly. As it stands now, if CIS4 is going to work like that, I will either disable the sandbox permanently, or dump Comodo entirely and go with the Windows firewall in conjunction with Avast! AV. I see a growing problem with Comodo apps being overly aggressive and breaking essential Windows components like System Restore and Chkdsk, not to mention totally breaking Windows in many instances. The only Comodo app that has survived more than a few hours on my machine is CIS and I feel a growing apprehension that I may have to move away from it as well. In my opinion, the sandbox is not only set up wrong but is totally unnecessary in the first place. They said it was supposed to increase usability but in my case, I’m afraid that the opposite will be the case.

+1 Ditto! :-TU


Fully agreeing here. That would enable me to have the sandbox disabled by default but gives me the opportunity to sandbox when I don’t trust a program.

I got word something is coming to help with this… :wink: :wink:

That’s what the release notes already told us:

Except sandboxed application notifications, there will not be any new features(We are still working on the notifications).
:wink: O0