Sandbox in current form is bad

Seriously, silently blocking all unrecognized apps without notice is huge fail! For example, MPC HC can’t change file type association, eJay Dance 7 won’t start at all, as well as BioShock 2 installer and many more apps. Unless Sandbox will have pop-up with report what unknown app was trying to do and without option to change it’s status (allow, block, etc.), I’ll keep it disabled and I’ll advise the same to my friends. Not to mention what could happen when PC noob encounter this: “OMG, my app isn’t working anymore! What a piece of ■■■■ is this CIS anyway?”. And WHOOSH, CIS is gone from it’s computer forever. And he won’t forgett to tell this to his friends.
So please, other you add information pop-up with options, or make Sandbox disabled by default.

Hey Mr. Henky,

I partially agree with you - there needs to be more notifications about what the sandbox is doing.

In saying that, how do we then answer all the people who will say “This version of CIS is no quieter than the previous version. You said this one would be quieter!!!”

I’d hate to be a full time developer - ■■■■■■ if you do and ■■■■■■ if you don’t. :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile:

You said it very well about developers - :-TU :slight_smile:
But I was also excited what was that quietness everybody’s talking about!? Well what I saw? I saw a one huge rule allowing everything out by default. No questions, no pop-ups. Windows firewall works this way, the difference is WF doesn’t have HIPS. I will gladly except that I’m wrong if I’m pointed where.

Well what I saw? I saw a one huge rule allowing everything out by default. No questions, no pop-ups. Windows firewall works this way, the difference is WF doesn't have HIPS. I will gladly except that I'm wrong if I'm pointed where.

I believe that if you change to PROACTIVE SECURITY mode, you will get individual application rules.

Again, happy to learn if I’m wrong. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

;D Gold words

Thank you, ok i’m wrong if this mode change won’t add pop-ups. :slight_smile: The sandbox is off by default and I wouldn’t turn it on because, as Mr.Henky said and I agree, some apps won’t work. I have got several ones as well.

I think notification of an application being sandboxed is essential because some applications behave abnormally if being sanboxed. I find that out after tracing CIS’s log but that is not user friendly and take me quite some time to source out the cause of problem.

A sandbox notification without user action required could be enough.

I have possible solution for keeping silence and funcionality as well. Simply, if unknow app is started, run it in Sandbox. If CIS find out, that it don’t want to harm your computer, it will run it again, but this time out of Sandbox. If yes, then it will display pop-up with simple info: “The application XXX was blocked. See more information in Sandbox’s log.”. Or something like that. What do you think about it?

You are talking about the sandboxed program behavior analizer. It was discussed in the wishlist. As to me I don’t think this is a good idea. I would hate the pop-ups and lags. :wink:

You tried to find out the source of the strange behavior of a program? Should we suppose this was due to restrictions?

Sorry I don’t get it.

Another possible solution would be to display a single button, ‘Sandbox Contents’ (or something similar). This button would open a window displaying the complete contents, with right click menu per item (or groups of items) to block, allow, trust, etc. as the case requires.
This could be optioned further as ‘Once, Always, This Session’.

Why lags? This pop-up wouldn’t require users’s action, it would be simple information window.

I believe precise automated verdict is not possible. There should not be “harm” in terms of HIPS (Defense+), but titles of target files/registry entries etc. which is about to be created/modified etc irregardless of target executable and its type.

Verdicts may would be similar as that of CIMA: “activity is suspisious” or “…very suspisious” and like.

I always can see whats in my sandbox just looking into this folder. But can you imagine an ordinary user thinking whether he should allow ~spp14.dll or not ? ;D

The program ran in the sandbox then CIS decides it’s safe and ask you to run it again or does it itself. I consider it as a lag. Did i misunderstand something?

That’s the problem. Sandbox imposed restrictions on my application that caused malfunctions without any notification to me.

I need at least a notification and a user may not need to response to the notifications. A program can proceed to run without user’s permission and the sandbox notification may state above tray area for a few seconds to let you know that the program is being sandboxed.


I see. Thank you for clarifying. But user notification is a merely part of sandboxing. I wonder if Comodo can make it full automated.

How about an option like : Disable sandboxing for fullscreen applications like games.

+1 I cannot run any games with sandbox activated, no matter if I put the whole game’s folder in safe files list: there is always somethiing that is blocked by the sandbox >:(

i cannot understand many user posts here…

why the most users cant wait? wait for cis to get final and then all can say: this and other things are bad or not good…

beta ,rc versions are not final versions! 88)

But users should share their opinions so they can be considered for the final versions.

BTW: I also have an app (PicPick) that always gets sandboxed wheter it’s in the safe list or not.

Yeah, my guess is there will be a few RC before final release…