Sandbox feedback


I would just like to mention this for the purposes of feedback:

I think it would be great if there was more control or options over the sandbox and its contents… at the moment all you can do is ‘Sandbox’ a program with different levels of trust, it would be great if (like Sandboxie) you could peruse the contents of the sandbox and save files outside of it too keep them, also (i dont know if comodo does this) but in Sandboxie if I use a sandboxed program and it edits a file outside the sandbox then sandboxie brings the file INTO the sandbox (copy) and edits it - I can then persue the contents of the sandbox and save the edited file externally… you also have the option to browse the contents of the sandbox and see exactly what the file might be “dropping” or attempting to install… and you can of course ‘delete’ these contents… with Comodo you just ‘hope’ that it sandboxed them fine and deleted the contents afterwards and have no other options to save files or see the contents


That’s the reason why, at the moment, I use sandboxie instead of comodo sandbox…considering also that the automatic comodo sandbox is not a sandbox technically, but something like “Drop my rights”.
I prefer a full files virtualistation, because is more safe in my opinion…
i think that in the future they will develop the sandbox features, and probably we will have something very similar to sandboxie… :wink:

snap - i too still use Sandboxie…

im glad you told me it just lowers the rights and doesnt actually virtualize an environment… surely it does? they couldnt call it a Sandbox otherwise…

I think I will just disable Comodo Sandbox then if thats the case

apart from all the differences to a sandbox like sandboxie:

it would be nice to have a right click menu entry if you want to run something in the comodo sandbox (EDIT: for a file which is not an executable, just read the post below.)

and if you choose a file that has to be load in a program (media file ect), the program should start sandboxed after only choosing to sandbox the associated file. like it is normal happening too.

to the snap:
like with the antivirus, its said, “made for useabillity” of the suite. its something that i critizise too, because the expections are laying on the names. so mistakes and misunderstandings are programmed to happen. i dont want to know how many people use it like a sandboxie… because “its a sandbox!” …

if something is meant for “useabillity of something else”, dont give it names of something that was made for “security on itself”.

Comodo virtualizes applications if you choose so manually (Right click->Run in Comodo sandbox).
Enable “Show hidden files and folders” and check C:\VritualRoot\ folder(s).
There is no automatic deletion of files (folders) so you have to do it on your own.

As far as I know, if you use comodo sandbox on demand (i.e. run your browser in the sandbox) then you have a full files/reg entries virtualisation…while if you try to run an unrecognized file then you have the automatic sandbox, that is actually a rights limitation more or less strong depending on the limitation level you choose (partially limited, limited, restricted etc…)

Let’s see what v6 has cooking for us.

So…does it mean that in CIS 6 everything will be virtualized even on the automatic sandbox?

makes sense to do that? ive always though thats whats happening…?
what happens if someone runs a file they think might be suspicious and do so thinking auto-sandbox has it covered…when in fact , it doesnt?

thanks for pointing out the Sandbox location, however, Comodo does not have an option to delete files from the sandbox, this means users that have run malware infected files in the sandbox have ‘malware’ sitting there , unless they know the location of sandbox and too empty it - I know sandboxie has option to ‘Delete Contents’

no egemen said that only some things will be virtualised

he says here that some programs will be virtualized with the auto-sandbox

and he also said this

Well…if you take Geswall…it’s a very effective program but, as far as I know, it doesn’t sandbox anything…it limits softwares rights. So it’s a different approach, not always less effective (if in Comodo you set rights restriction to “untrusted”, then everything unknown you run is definitely blocked).
I prefer sandboxie approach: a virtual environment where, if you want, you can also restrict applications rights. It’s a matter of personal preferences…