Sandbox essential missing features (vs Sandboxie)

I was hoping not to have to use Sandboxie with Comodo Sandbox, but find that I still need to for 2 reasons:

(1) Sandbox with right-click on data files
With Comodo, I cannot just right-click on a data file and open it Sandboxed in corresponding program (I can only do so with right-clicking on executable). This comes in handy whenever I open downloaded files. I want to always open them sandboxed, whether they are powerpoint, excel, word, pictures, music, or other kinds of files. I found no easy way of doing so in Comodo.

(2) Safe shredding
With Sandboxie, I can follow a simple one-time procedure to always shred safely whatever data is created in sandbox (e.g. using With Comodo, I cannot set it up for auto-safe shredding (example of I would have to do every time is in

I found a way to do (1) however it involves editing the registry, if you’re interested give me a PM and I’ll show you how. It works for me at least, if it works for you too then I can consider making a public post about it but until we know it actually works for other people than me then I don’t really want to do that since it again involves editing the registry which can be dangerous.