sandbox container file location and license questions.

Three questions, thank you in advance

  1. Is there any way to change the location of the sandbox container file? I can’t find one. I left a suggestion that a means to do it be added. I used to use Sandboxie and I kept my container file in a Ramdisk to reduce wear on the SSD and for added security. If I can already do this, how?

  2. I’m evaluating the paid and free versions of CIS. They appear identical. What are the differences? At $4.99 I have no objection to buying several licenses but some of my PCs are very low use and the free version seems applicable unless the free version has limitations that are not obvious.

  3. How do you buy household licenses in quantities over 3? I left a suggestion that it be made easier to figure out. If there already is a way, how do I do it?