Sandbox and Defense+ question

I’m wondering something. If i disable Defense+ and leave Sandbox enabled. I sometimes still get Defense+ popups. Is this normal? I thought if i disable Defense+ that applications will be limited by Sandbox but no Defense+ popups will ever be displayed. Or am i thinking this wrong?

Is that with D+ disabled by just moving down the slider or disabled with "Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) " setting?

Just moving the slider to Disabled. I think that fully disabling Defense+ also disables Shellcode protection and Sandbox all together.

I just did a little test and it turns out that the sb only gets disabled with "Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) " setting.

In your case it is still active. Notice that when using the automatic sandboxing there will still be two D+ settings being monitored.

This quote is from Mouse1’s sandbox guide. The url is in my signature.

So, for global hooks and COM parts, you’ll get popups regardless of the D+ setting. Ok, i get it now. Thx

how are they going to keep the alerts down with gobal hooks and COM parts without losing security?

when will that happen with the supressing alerts type?