Sandbox and Click&Clean (Chrome extension)


Does anybody uses Chrome and Click&Clean Extension? I do and i have some issues with it while Sandbox is turned on. I tried various ways, but they won’t work. Click&Clean is in “My safe files”, it was in “Run in Sandbox” as aplication with no restrictions and no virtualization of register or file system, Defense+ is in learning mode. Same with Chrome application. On first run I marked this extension to NOT run in Sandbox. I also tried various combinations od Sandbox settings but all fails…

In Click&Clean extension i use option “Clear when browser closes”. The issue looks like that: When browser closes, the Click&Clean application appears in start menu and it clears Chrome history. After it’s done, the icon disapears but it opens new windows of Chrome, but without any extensions avaible. It’s pretty annoying… The new windows of Chrome shouldn’t open! With Sandbox turned off there is no problem. Help pls :slight_smile:

I hope my description was precise and understandable.

Please reboot run CHrome, close it, then take a screenshot of your D+ logs, with all info showing, and post them here.

I have click-clean, but not this specific symptom. However I have not let it clean my history. It was installed as an experiment to test the sandbox!

Best wishes