Sandbox alert for pif at startup

I have a problem with starting an exe application via pif shortcut from startup directory when Windows is starting.

The sandbox alert appears and also “16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem” dialog which tells me “Invalid program file name, please check your pif file. Coose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.” Option “Do not run this application inside the Sand box” doesn’t help.

The same situation happens when I try to start the program manually via PIF shortcut. When I try to run the program directly (without pif shortcut) everything is OK.

The only way how to workaround this problem is to use BAT file with command line similar to the

start application.exe

Without the start command the sandbox allert appears again the same way!!

I have noticed there are a few complains about this behaviour at the forum. Have you any solution already?

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Please, can you upload any screenshot of your problem?


What’s the point of running a pif at startup instead of bat or cmd?

Concerning bat or cmd, the “start” syntax is nothing but normal, excepting maybe if your application is outside of the default path which you would have to specify.

e.g., if you have C:\MYFOLDER\application. exe

you definitely need to write:


where if the path is not specified, you would probably have to write:

start (switch) C:\MYFOLDER\application.exe

and where if application.exe is at the root of C::


would probably be enough as C:\ is a default path.

Note that a trick allows in XP (in vista/seven i don’t know) to run autoexec.cmd altough said impossible in NT versions, and that such a trick could solve your problem.