samung kies software

blocked firewall and defence + and den unblocked it from rules but i dont know how to corrent it by the im trying to install samsung kies software

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Can you post screenshots of the D+ logs (View Defense Events) and Defense + Rules (full screen)?


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Could you also post a screenshot of the Defense + Rules?

Is the problem with the installation of the driver for your Samsung device (phone?)?

nope there isn’t no problem in installing the device driver its just gong ahead what i managed to do is trying to delete the defence+ rules for Samsung and as well as the firewall rule and any instances of the software deleting it to see if that works but no luck

Can you show me a screenshot of the Defense + Rules? I want to see where services.exe is in that list.

hi this is my defence+ rules that you have requested

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It looks like something went wrong with the installation of the driver. Go to Device Manager and see if there is an entry for your phone. Check the properties and it will probably say there is a problem with the driver. Uninstall the driver and hook up your phone again and see what happens.

When the above is not working try temporary disabling D+ by ticking Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart) and try installing the driver again. When needed uninstall the driver first.

hi comodo i would like to say thank you for your assistance it was much help for me you were correct it was the drivers so what i did was uninstall the drivers using CPM it manged to remove all instances of the drivers including reg entries a big massive thank you

keep the good work up