Same problem different computer Boclean crashed on boot up

I am a vol. member of our local EMS service. I had Boclean installed on that computer also. Last night after a call, we booted up the computer to do our EMS report and got a pop up saying Boclean has encountered a problem and needs to close!!! I didn’t have the time to check it out last night but will do so ASAP. And post again my finding in event veiwer. This is the same problem I had with my own compter.The ambulance computer is running Windows XP Pro. SP3

Rick 3FR1

Checked event viewer and the fault address is the same as it was on mine.0x00019ab3… This first showed up the app.log on 10-18-08. About the same time boclean started crashing on me at my house??

Rick 3FR1

Hi there. and sorry for the delay … the address range of the error indicates that it’s not BOClean itself as I indicated before on your previous, so this tells me that something else appears to be “injecting” itself at that location - most often a firewall, antivirus or other “security program” living in that spot and making BOClean mighty unhappy somehow. Let’s see if we can find out what it is as quickly as we can. Once again, apologies for the wait, been having serious connectivity problems out where I am the past week. :frowning:

So looks like the next step is the PSC-EXAM after all, you can collect it here:

The attachment should come straight down … zipped. No password.

Unpack it to your DESKTOP … icon will appear. Doubleclick it and it will run quietly. When it’s done, a NEW icon will appear on your desktop marked “PSC-EXAM.TXT” … plain old textfile … once you have that, drop it back to me in an IM (for your personal privacy benefit) and let’s see if we can guess what the problem might be there.

Feel free to look it over before sending it if you have any concerns, but hopefully that will help me spot what’s going on under the hood there for ya … most important clue though yet is getting an idea of what the error is and where. The PSC-EXAM will only help me identify other possible suspects, but won’t tell me about the error. Be back here again tomorrow, it’ll take me a little while to parse it and figure out what things are there.

If we had others going through this, it wouldn’t have taken as long. Do tell me also whether the two machines are the same manufacturer or similar, could be a hardware thing as well … the 0x00019ab3 address shouldn’t be occupied, and if it was a nasty BOClean should have nailed it even if it takes itself out. Which is why I’m wondering what’s going on there to begin with. Chances are you’re using something we haven’t seen, some sort of driver perhaps … but best starting point will be seeing what the PSC-EXAM report shows …

I have sent you I (hope)?? the psc-exam file for you to look at.
Thanks Rick 3FR1