Same permission "pop-ups" over and over again

I have been using the Comodo Firewall for almost a year and a half now. It keeps asking me for the same permissions over and over. I check the “remember this setting” (or whatever it says) every time, but every single time, the moment I click “Deny”, the “remember this setting” check box automatically clears itself a split-second before the permission pop-up disappears. Sometimes, the “remember this setting” check box is already checked when the pop-up appears. In those instances, my answer “sticks”. But only in those instances. A permission pop-up with an empty box means that I will be seeing it over and over.

Again, it’s been over a year, and this is really starting to get old. Is there some way to remedy this?

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.

Hi rlprlp

What OS do you have? If it is XP or newer I would recommend updating to CFP-3. If not, go to your “Application Monitor” and find your program that you want to access the internet and edit your settings to allow it. If you don’t find the program there you can add it using the “Add” button.

Hope this helps you, if not post back and we will help you get it working properly.