Saitek Cyborg Keyboard Driver

CIS detects and quarantines it while its still an ‘unconfirmed’ (downloading through chrome).

I would like to say that it’s unlikely that a driver file downloaded from the manufacturer’s website would have a virus, but to be honest, Saitek have been so terrible with everything customer support related, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Product Site: Flight Simulator and Licensed Cessna Pro Flight Sim Products and the latest X-56 | (downloading the vista/w7 32bit Cyborg Keyboard driver)
Name of detection: Heur.Suspicious@25693953
Database: 2760

Many thanks

Hi rosokan,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi rosokan,

Reported FP has been fixed.Please update to latest DB 2767 and confirm it.



Thanks for such an amazingly quick response, that seems to have fixed it.