Safesurf with Opera

In the System Tray there’s a SafeSurf icon. Is of any use with Opera or should I just stop it from starting with Windows?

BTW, I do occasionally use Firefox, so will SS be of use with that?

From COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar [INFO]:

Thanks for that, LA, but under which circumstances would it do something in Opera?

How do you mean, I guess SS does its job? I don’t use it myself so I can’t tell though. I simply rely on Egemen’s statement.

Unless I’m mistaken (as well as Gibran in that link), SS protects all browsers because it protects the whole system, that is it would stop a BO exploit even if it wasn’t carried out through any browser, but through any other program. If you want to make sure download a test. :slight_smile:

Hi Japo and all,

The Safe Surf confusion continues.
I also believed (wrongly) that Safe Surf was system wide protection.

Yes I believe still that it covers all browsers, but it definitely does not
protect system wide.

I finally tested it with Comodo’s BO Tester and it failed totally.

Now that CMF is integrated in the CIS beta I dumped the Safe Surf in favor
of the system wide protection.



:stuck_out_tongue: Anyone can shed more light, or should I try and call the staff’s attention?

+1, also, I still don’t know why it’s included in the latest CIS beta. :THNK

When I installed CIS Beta I unticked the Toolbar and ticked SS, but the toolbar was still installed (didn’t know until I saw it in Revo). Then I noticed the icon in the tray and wondered what it did.