Safesurf or Memory Firewall?

Hi Guys

I read somewhere (I think a post from Melih) saying that Safesurf only supported your browser from BO attacks whereas Memory Firewall protects all your applications. If this is true, why does Safesurf say you can disable protection from all applications ???.

If SS only protects your browser, then I will uninstall and install CMF instead.


You can find more info in;msg184868#msg184868

Thanks gibran :). I guess Melih was referring to the other toolbar (not the one included with CFP or CIS). In that case, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.


Edit: I noticed that you answered this question for me before (thanks). I guess I’m becoming forgetfull in my old age 88).

Continuation from this topic.

From CIS help file:
“By default, Comodo SafeSurf is configured to monitor and protect all installed applications against buffer overflow attacks. To maintain the highest levels of protection, Comodo highly recommend that users do not alter this setting. In rare cirumstances, though, it may be neccesary to create an exception (usually because an application may be incompatible with buffer overflow protection).”

Then I was right (I think)! :a0

But if the help file was right, that also means a lot of others were wrong, including Melih. :THNK

Now 3xist posted this: :-\