Safesurf has mysteriously appeared on my PC!

Quietly going about my own busines when I notice a new and unknown icon in my system tray. Turns out to be this Safesurf! Forum posts mention a toolbar, but none I can see in my IE7. Not that I would want one, please note. For life of me cannot find any straight reference to Safesurf, i.e. what it is supposed to do. Lots about the toolbar. What is it supposed to do, pray tell, and where on the Comodo website do I find a description

Safesurf is not from Comodo. You can find the real website here.


Many thanks!

Hang on. It says Comodo Safesurf!!

Oops, my mistake. >:( Anyway, Comodo Safesurf will protect you from Buffer Overflows, it’s the same as Comodo Memory Firewall only for browsers. It’s safe (it will even protect you :)) . Sorry from my mistake :-[


OK. How do I uninstall it should I so wish? - I don’t see it in Control Panel, and it does not appear in Start\Programs\Comodo…

More info about CMF (and safesurf as it is the same) here and in the forum here. However, you need to post your questions in the firewall part. :slight_smile:

Hope I didn’t confuse you to much 88)


You can uninstall it under Safesurf, it’s separate from the Firewall installer, btw more info here


Did you manage to delete it ? 88)


I’ll keep it for the moment

Just to conclude Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar will not protect your entire system, only Browser. Full Comodo Memory Firewall will do it all.


Thanks for the thought. Have COM Memory Firewall

I tested Safesurf with BOtester and it protected.

I used to have it installed, but now I am using CMF again, for I found a way to work around the “driver not installed, please reinstall product” bug.