Safesurf and Server2003


Is safesurf still included with the last C.I.S. package or not?
I’m running Win Server 2003 (the best µsoft product at this time!!!) and apparently the C.I.S. setup doesn’t install Safesurf… Is it a compatibility known problem?
Please, tell me if I can install it (separately or not), because I love this kind of product, helping to improve Web integrity…

Thanx for any reply.

So, I found the answer in a topic:

With Defense+, there is no need of Safesurf…

Notice, CIS is not made for Server 2003. It may be worth the try to install using compatibility mode and have .exe files of CIS run in compatibility mode but there is no guarantee what soever it may work on Server 2003.

Let us know if and how you got CIS working on Server 2003 if you managed to do so.


CIS seems to work perfectly with Server 2K3, sometimes the virusupdate bugs (not that much…once or twice a week!!!) without any reason apparently.

The .exe are running under XP compatibility,and CIS is configured to monitor everything sharply…

If you need more details about how I configured it, just let me know.

See U next time.