Safe to recommend CDE at my work?


My organization has a need for encrypting laptops when we’re “on the fly”. Therefore I’m browsing this board to see whether CDE seems safe to test, and furthermore, recommend.

I do get second thoughts from the topic EMERGENCY! Computer won’t boot! USB not loading!, but if I understand it correctly, this is related to a multiboot system? As far as I know we have only Windows XP SP3 and possibly Windows Vista SP1 on our machines (not at the same time of course ;)).

I also wonder if it’s possible to boot, provided that you’ve not backup up the configuration, and the USB stick breaks down. It seems to be impossible to boot in such cases:

Generally I don’t see many problems reported at the forum, but on the other hand, I don’t know how established CDE is at this time.

I’ll appreciate any comments and CDE feedback in this thread. Thanks. :-TU

You have to consider the risks vs the gains…

If stuff screws up, all the working computers stop’s booting (or even one computer experiences problems and some data gets lost) then you will catch all the blame. And your boss will “hate” you probably.

If stuff goes fine, IDK what will happen, but usually people gets easier unhappy with something than happy… Is it your job to recommend something? :wink: :slight_smile:

If you however are to try this start in small scale just to be on the safe side (eg your own work computer) and try rebooting it and stuff… maby even at home, just to see if it seems stable… =) Even if I bet it is stable for most…

Well, the important things are never just stored locally on the machines, so it shouldn’t be a disaster if something goes wrong with CDE. It would however be very inconvenient, leading to a reformat.

My job isn’t really to recommend software, but I can make it my job. :wink: I can say “I recommend you to consider trying this software, but remember, like all software that dig deep in the system, things can go wrong”.

Still hoping for some comments. Also,

Can you manage CDE already today from CESM? What kind of management is it about? I see no information about this either on the CDE website or the CESM website.


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There is one alternative program to CDE - TrueCrypt. It’s open source and mature project as far as i know. Open source and mature for me means less or no critical bugs.

Thank you SS26. I have also considered TrueCrypt (TC), and although I’m not recommending anyone anything, I did mention CDE to the IT-people at my work. However, TC is already known to them (at least by name) and it’s been around for a while. I think TrueCrypt will be the choice for them - in other words, I’m not the one deciding…