Safe Surf option not appearing even after reinstalling

I had Comodo Firewall Pro ancient version which I uninstalled completely and then I installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall Pro. It asked about the Safe Surf and I installed it. After this, by a mistake, I uninstalled Safe Surf. Then to reinstall safe surf, i completely uninstall comodo firewall pro and then reinstall but it didnt ask the option of safe surf and I didnt find safe surf icon tray icon. I uninstalled completely and reinstall comodo firewall pro but i could not find safe surf. Any help will be highly appreciated. I am using Windows Vista.

CFP installer doesn’t ask for Safesurf only if it is already installed.

Please check %Program Files%\COMODO to confirm if there is a safesurf folder.

You can find additional CFP removal info in

Thanks for your reply. I have re-installed comodo firewall pro and i checked in the comodo folder but there is no safe surf folder there.

There should be some leftovers in the registry.
Please uninstall it again and run the .bat file attached to;topic=17220.0;attach=17692

My Safesurf is installed because there is the ask toolbar with the correct buttons and I pass all the BO Tester Points with the correct safe surf popup yet it doesnt appear on the taskbar nor is it in my Add/Remove Programs. Help!

That is indeed very strange, it seems that comodo safe surf brings some serious bugs for some people… If you can’t find the uninstaller in the add/remove programs, you can try find the uninstaller manually… you can use a desktop search tool or you can navigate manually to the folders where you think the uninstaller should be listed…

anyway, when you install css, you have basically 2 programs: the ask toolbar and the BO prevention app, both have separate uninstallers…

There should be some leftovers in the registry.
Please uninstall it again and run the .bat file attached to Comodo Forum

I had the same problem with SafeSurf not installing. I followed gibran’s instructions and the problem is solved :BNC