Safe network? Is it?

Stupid question: During install (or rather after install) CIS detected our wireless router network and asked if it was safe to allow other computers from within the network to access mine. I said yes, but is it? Should I remove that setting?

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No. It’s completely safe. If you want to exchange files without popups of course. Don’t worry about possible attacks from other PC’s in the network - they will get blocked by CIS :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was worried since the same network is used for accessing the 'Net (you know, the big one ;)).

At the moment 99% of the sharing goes the other way (we have a shared folder on the desktop PC to transfer install files etc, workgroup only no domain or server), but I thought it might be practical to be able to go the other way if needed.

(The desktop is my wife’s (well mostly) and I use mine as a testing ground. She’s running AVG and is happy with it but if this works as well as it seems to be we will change later).

Since I have the attention of knowledgeable people: I have left everything as default, and that should be more than enough for someone who 90% of the time sits on his own encrypted net and occasionally moves the laptop between other nets, right? (Not only talking firewall but all settings now).

(Right now the firewall might be overkill since our Linksys has a good one, and our ISP actually have a firewall of their own in the basement of our appartment building (I’m on fiber, not ADSL), but since I about once a month venture out in the world with the laptop it seems good to have).

I think your settings are good and you’re well protected. :-TU AVG 8 is a good antivirus, but I would consider changing it to Avira or Avast (less bloated, lighter and many tests show - better detection) :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
To bug you with one last question:

For some reason the default setting for the firewall is “Computer is an internet gateway”. That seems weird, but does it have anything with my choice of allowing the file sharing? I really feel like I should uncheck that one, not because of security but because it bugs me.

As for AVG: I know, but both she and I like the interface better than Avast and as I said it is “her” computer mostly so I am not to fiddle with it as long as it works. Which I can understand, I have my laptop to mess up as much as I like ;D.

Well if your not using p2p programs or you don’t play online games you can uncheck that :slight_smile: But I would keep it as it is if I were you.

You can change Avast skins :wink: Or even have skinless simple interface :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I will leave it checked for now; I don’t play MMO:s but I play SPORE, which uses a lot of online traffic as you might know.