- Not verified be VEngine yet

Ok, if any of you are wondering what ‘’ is…

I tend to be one of those email users that rarely receive much email…and wouldn’t even have his own inbox flooded to 3MB.

Yeah, also, I’m very paranoid when I handle e-mails from other locations.

EVery second you’re in, logged in, everything is always in that HTTPS protocol mode. It’s been something I’ve been seeking, and I thought “YAH! Found what I was searching…”

NOt only that, there’s no ad banners, ad links in word form…just nothing that would tick us off…hahah!

Yeah, that webmail provider also has this… “S/MIME” certificate thingy imbued within whatever account you assign yourself with (mind you, I’m not familiar with the certificates thingy…hahah).

Also has an anti-virus thing, but not sure where from.

Excuse me if it sounds like I’m advertising, but I thought I’d mention all this to put away anyone’s suspicion or curiosity.

Yeah, I was wondering if this site’s SSL thing is verified. As of this time…

“website identity has not been verified.”

So I thought if there’s any Comodo staff out there who would verify the site…

I thought I’d bring this whole topic up anyways, just if there’s any folks out there seeking a free & safe webmail service. And rarely gets large emails…hahah! Anyways, take care! (V)


You can add sites you want verified to the following list:,69.60.html

The reason you are getting a ‘this site is not verified’ message is probably due to the site using a low assurance certificate.