Safe files gone

Recently I updated CIS through the update option, following things happen after that:
Safe files list is empty
Cannot add new files to safe files
All programs running require authorization every time I have restarted Win7

I read about doing clean install would work, BUT Few days ago I installed CIS to a friend’s computer, clean install to new install of Windows, in this case it was WinXP, the same thing happen there, couldnät add files to Safe Files section, every program running required authorization over and over again.

So what can cause problems like these?

Little additional info I just found. On the Summary page of Comodo I see System Status, Comodo application Agent is not running. I know for a fact I haven’t disabled it. When I used diagnostics, it said there where errors and those have been fixed. I’m going to reboot now to see if this really did fix this issue. Reboot did help, but I’de like to know what causes this sudden loss of safe files in the first place? Updating Comodo has something to do with it, but that doesn’t explane why the same thing happens when doing clean install without update to fresh Windows install.

When cfp.exe (the client) or cmdagent.exe crashes it can happen that you loose rules or list of safe files. Best thing to do is use system restore to get the rules back as they are stored in the registry.

Also make sure the Comodo Internet Security Helper service is set to automatically recover. See attached image. Services can be found under Control Panel → Administrative Tools.

Also make sure your previous firewall and av program are properly uninstalled. Use clean up tools of the manufacturers. Or if you like I can give you a manual look up and removal strategy for driver left overs of previously installed security programs.

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