Safe clean mode window needs a cancel button!

I just did a registry clean with the new version of CRC and the window popped up telling me that I was in safe clean mode (which is good) and told me that it would require a restart to ensure that things are happy after the clean. No big deal, restart. Check things out, all is well, delete.

Then I asked it to scan my disk. When I went to clean it, I also got the clean mode warning. As I had just restarted after the registry clean, I wasn’t very enthused about restarting again. Seeing no “Cancel” button, I first tried clicking the “X” in the upper right corner. This does nothing… So I clicked the “No” button assuming that this would cancel the clean operation and I’d clean it later. Imagine my surprise when I clicked “No”, and it just wiped everything…

The text in the window says nothing about clicking “No” will continue the cleaning process, but without the safety net.

Now granted, I’m not as worried about the deletion of the contents of my temp folders and such causing an unstable system as I am about registry entries, but this was a bit uncomfortable. I just had to cross my fingers that all would be well.

Could we get a cancel button, pretty please? :slight_smile: