Safari for Windows FP possible!

Hi guys,

Just after updating to the latest Devs i open up Safari and got a AV warning of CAVS telling me that i got a
UnclassifiedMalware inside of the Safari history folder!
I’ve looked after the file but could’nt find it.
But the name is " Safari\History\ "
So i attached two Screens with the malware name and the Safari path name to the flaged file!

Name: Unclassifiedmalware[at]24090083

Software regarded: Safari for Windows

I use the lates CIS build, with latest definitions.
And the real-time AV scanner is set to Medium Heuristics,

Happy Midsummer Comodo analysts!
Cheers, J_G

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Hi J_G link,

Thanks for reporting.We will get back to you after analysis.


Hi J_G,

Reported FP has been fixed in DB 1377.Please update and confirm.



Yes i can confirm that the FP is fixed!