"S Voice" appears as malicious afer upgrading to Android Nougat.

On my samsung S7 after I upgraded to Nougat version of Android, I installed Comodo and it marks S Voice as malicious malware.
Is this a bug or should I be concerned? I tried two things to remove it, I tried uninstalling it and it says uninstall unsuccessful… so then I factory reset the phone. I thought this would roll back my version of android but apparently it didnt, so I reinstalled Comodo and it still marked S Voice as malicious.
The factory reset did not fix it, maybe just a bug? Please any help would be welcome, thank you

Probably a ‘false positive’

Same on mine, but as a new phone that’s been running Avast for a couple of weeks and has been scanned, I just marked it as ignore, when I installed CMS. Almost certainly nothing to worry about


Thanks For Reporting us.