I would love for Comodo to integrate S/MIME capabilities in your Dragon and Ice Dragon browsers. This integration seems like a nice fit with your free S/MIME certificates.

Signing and/or encrypting email has a great set of benifits - obviously Comodo must agree because you offer a great free email certificate for personal use. One of the disadvantages to S/MIME is the difficulty of access from a web browser interface.

Users are migrating to browser based email retreival in increasing numbers; much in-line with the growth of cloud-based services. While desktop based based clients are useful, and can integrate S/MIME easily, this leaves out many users who access email from a browser. Penango in conjunction with IE or Firefox is an option, but as a Penango user I can say that it is not always reliable. I have spent as much time troubleshooting Penango as enjoying it, although they do provide great support. In addition, there is no workable solution for the Chrome based browser. S/MIME is easy on the iPhone, but hits a wall once people open a browser and reach for a mouse (or the screen these days, I suppose!)

It would seem to me that integrating web browser S/MIME support with Dragon and Ice Dragon would create great (stand by for overused term!) “synergy”. Imagine if security was as easy as “1,2,3”: An S/MIME certificate from Comodo; the Dragon or Ice Dragon browser; the Comodo Internet Security/Firewall Product family. Sounds like one stop shopping to me!

This would be a great way to promote the brand and tie in to Comodo product offerings. It could also give email signing and encryption some critical mass in the home user catagory, where - frankly - it is needed desperately to mitigate account hacking, spoofing and the consumerate malicious links that follow.