Russian COMODO forum problem

Who can explain why it is impossible to come on Russian COMODO forum? (:SAD)
I come and see here it. (:AGY)
Thankful in advance (:LOV)

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Could be cause you’re not logged in ?

But I entered into the Polish forum and without problems! (:NRD)

I once had the same problem with a Russian and a Polish girl 88) But seriously : I have no problem to enter the Russian Forum :-\

Greetz, Red.

Make sure it’s this link:

I checked the permissions on that board and see no problems.

Rednose, I do not have problems either with the German girl, or with the Greek girl, the French girl, either with the Turkish girl, or with the Spanish girl!
Problems with Russian and Ukrainian girls.
Soyabeaner, Under this link I and earlier passed!
And here further on a forum to pass it is not possible???

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I have no idea other than to contact Nick, the forum admin. And I did.

Soyabeaner, I have contacted the admin, here the answer.

strange.. we have many people who can use it..?? don't know what to say. melih
Really nobody faced such problem? That for bad luck! So it is heavy communicate through the electronic translator. Russian-speaking members - respond!

Our latest mod is Russian. I PM’d him and maybe he’ll share some thoughts :P0l

Well. I with impatience shall wait from you for good news. :THNK (:LOV)

He also doesn’t know why you can’t access it like everyone else can (:SAD).

Have you tried to clear the browser cache & cookies and tried it with http (instead https) to see if it works? Is it the same with any browser? Can you post the url of one of the pages that gives you the error 404?

Try this one for example:

Soyabeaner, It is any mysticism!
I pass under your link and I get on Russian forum.
It's OK. From section "Новый релиз - Comodo - некоторые соображения" ( I pass in root section " По-русски / Russian ", and I receive (, It's OK. But when, for example, I pass in section " scvhost и 53 порт ", I receive "(" and page 404. Cheerfully, yes? :BNC I hope, I have competently written. Excuse for my English (:TNG)

About, glory to all gods! (:CLP)
It has turned out. Has come on a forum through SeaMonkey, and all was adjusted. How I have not guessed before?
Earlier left through “IE” by means of the button “Browse Support Forums” and it was a nightmare. >:( Speed was small and all was very strongly braked. And I did all correctly.
I understand that “IE” not a reliable browser, but at me never problems was, with another resources. Only with a forum COMODO! :o
Let’s find out a situation. It would be desirable to finish a problem.

Hmm…I think it has something to do with the way the url’s are formatted to reflect the thread title. For example, the Russian board url is now:

Previously, it was different:

This is something that only administrator Nick can answer.

I do not know is this nonsense, but under the link “” I come on a forum can not.
Under the link “” - too I can not come.
But “Opera” and “SeaMonkey” - I come without problems.
Can at me it is not adjusted “Internet Explorer”. But I meet the given problem only at a forum COMODO.

I just got the same error 404 with IE 6 :o. I’ve been using Opera so I didn’t realize it until now.

Well and as you so. You that, think few people use “IE”?
Then would make that the button “Browse Support Forums” did not leave on a forum through “IE”.
I too use “Opera”, but the button “Browse Support Forums” automatically deduces on a forum COMODO by means of “Internet Explorer”.
It is a defect! It is necessary to correct.
I because of it have lost a lot of time and nerves. (:AGY)

I’m just a volunteer member, meaning I don’t control the forum, so I can’t fix this problem.

I understand!
But I think, that it so to leave it is impossible. IMHO it is very inconvenient for members of a forum and impact on reputation COMODO. (:SAD)

Of course. We did our part by notifying Comodo. Now it’s only a matter of time before it’s addressed.