Runtime Error when purging my pending files


I use Comodo V. and my OS is WXP PRP SP3.

Recently, I have problems purging my pending files because in the middle of the process I get a runtime error as shown below:

What can I do to solve the issue?

Thank you

Greetings Metallo,

Just curious; does this happen every time, or just occasionally?

Have you run the diagnostics (Misc. > Diagnostics)?

I’m wondering if you run the purge first thing after reboot if you still have the issue (I’ve seen conflicts w/ other apps and/or too much mem in use).

Good luck, bud.

Switch Defense+ to Safe mode. This should clear the pendig list.


First post, I have the identical problem that Alex posted about, above, when starting this thread. I’m running Ver. on a standalone PC (OS is XP Home SP3, 1 GB RAM, Pentium 2.33).

I tried purging in Safe Mode (crashed midway, like Alex). I ran Miscellaneous Diagnostics as Comofo suggested but the conclusion was that I had no problem. I tried switching Defense+ to Safe mode as Gibran suggested, but this did not clear the list (lots of files).

Only thing I haven’t tried is to skip the Purge and just do “remove”; if Comodo crashes during the “remove” operation then I’ll have to uninstal and reinstall Comodo. I’m open to any suggestions. Nella

You can find the pending list file named in \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\common\Pending

If CFP crashes usually ask you to send a crash dump to the devs by email. You could compress that PendingList.txt and attach it to that email.

You can then move PendingList.txt to your desktop as it will be like you pressed the remove button.

FYI - You can clear the entire list by clicking the Top Left little box and then selecting REMOVE. This DOES NOT remove the files from your computer, only removes them from the Pending Files List.



Thanks for your advice. I cleared the pending files as you suggested. Nella