Running CIS with disabled Panda

Can CIS run with Panda being installed, but disabled through MSConfig so that it doesn’t start up, or is it necessary to completely uninstalling Panda for CIS to run without causing any issues.

My mother has been using Panda, and has been getting hit by trojans every two weeks it seems, and Panda’s support had been useless in resolving it. I told her that Panda wasn’t doing its’ job, and she needs to replace it, but was hesitant to do so up til this last trojan, due to the fact she has paid through October. She now wants to be sure that CIS will work for her before completely removing her old antivirus, Panda.

I think this is the right area for this one, and it is probably kind of an odd question.

you can use use cis free or the paid one it depends on you. but if you use cis then first time may be you can feel little bit problem with cis because the gui is not easy ( like avast gui) but cis is a good product. i am using cis more than one year and i like it. one more thing after you install cis you need to update the virus signature data base file which you can download by manually or automatically (it is 162 MB) and before download the cis see the requirements of using cis from their website. Good luck :a0

So as long as Panda is off, even if it is not uninstalled, there will be no issues?

I use CIS free btw, which is why I suggested Comodo.

I believe that as long as no Panda processes are running (not even for the GUI, etc…) it should be okay. I would advise checking that there are no processes before installing CIS.

However, if you do run into any problems let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


I have turned off all the services from Panda from starting through MSConfig, but when I disable the Panda programs from the startup tab, everytime I hit apply, they re-check themselves, so when I boot the computer, the Panda icon is in the system tray. The two start-up items are “Panda Retail” and “Panda 360 2013”. I assume this would be a problem with CIS running, although when I started the computer I saw the Panda head, and closed it.
The was the only way I found that Panda could be prevented from starting without uninstalling it, but obviously, there is a problem with that, any ideas what I could do?

Is this just Panda antivirus? If so you should be able to install Comodo Firewall alongside it. This would have everything in CIS except for the AV component.

My mother thinks, and I do too, that Panda has not been doing it’s job. The point of this is that my mother wants to try CIS, AV and Firewall, before uninstalling the only other AV she has. Right now, she is doing her normal stuff with Comodo running, but as soon as she needs to turn her computer off, or restart her computer, Panda’s head will appear in the system tray, and whatever complications may appear with that with CIS running with it.

If she doesn’t think Panda is doing its job I see no reason to leave it on the system. Uninstall it, then run the removal tool from this page. Then install Comodo Internet Security.

If she does not like Comodo Internet Security then you can uninstall it, and then follow the steps in this topic. That will completely remove it from the system. Then she could install a replacement, such as Avast Free.

Let me know if you have any questions.