running antivirus scan in safe mode

is it possible to run an anti virus scan while in safe mode? and if there is a way, how can it be done?

Hello Rayzer,

That’s not possible, the drivers are not loaded during Safe-Mode.

i think i might have a virus and i need to be able to run comodo to scan for it. but when i log into my computer i cannot execute anything so there fore i cannot start the scan. i can only execute some things in safe mode =( any help?

Best thing would be to have an other system where you can download “Ultimate boot cd for windows” and start your infected system with that boot cd, you can then start Avira update it online and scan your “offline” windows system.

You can find UBCD4win here:

do you know of any virus that can do this? because i had comodo on and i dont think i allowed anything through defence + or the firewall. i remember comodo catching something called daisy or backdoor i think. these were found when i was on steam playing a game called team fortress 2

Daisy, then don’t worry, there were a lot of False Positives, Daisy is the name for a new system they use and it slipped up yesterday, i think if you scan again now it won’t show it anymore.