Running an executable stored in the sandbox from a Kiosk shortcut? [v6]

Under normal circumstances when you install a program into Kiosk, it will create a desktop link to the installed program if you select this option on the installer. However there are circumstances under which you are best to create this link yourself.

[ol]- when you manually install a program into the Kiosk by copying it’s files, because there will be no Kiosk desktop link unless you create one

  • if you have the same program installed on the same path outside the sandbox, and a desktop link that targets that one. Installing in the sandbox will probably not over-write that link, and the virtualiser will tend to run the instance which is not stored in the sandbox, unless the one stored in the sandbox is a later version[/ol]

To create a link to the progam stored in the sandbox, do the following:

[ol]- Choose to view hidden files in Windows, using Control Panel ~ Folder Options ~ View

  • Outside Kiosk, use Explorer to navigate to the executable in the sandbox file store, C:\VTRoot
  • Create a shortcut to the executable on your normal desktop using a right click drag. Call it something distinctive, say - stored in sandbox, to avoid confusion
  • Go to Advanced settings ~ D+ ~ Sandbox ~ Sandbox exclusion and add the executable. Strangely the executable will be run virtualised from Kiosk despite this, as VirtKiosk.exe’s sandboxed state is passed on to all processes it runs. I cannot guarantee that it will be run virtualised if started outside Kiosk however.
  • Now enter Kiosk and you should find you can run the executable from the shortcut[/ol]