Running an application installed in a Container

Hi all,
maybe it’s a dumb question, but what’s the right procedure to install an untrusted application into Comodo Container, and run it virtualized?
I have some problem installing Endian Connect on my real desktop, it delete my TUN iterface used by OpenVPN, so I decided to try it installing into a container.
Comodo Firewall installed, I tried the procedure found here: Run An Application In the Container, Containment Computer Security | Internet Security

Click ‘Tasks’> ‘Containment Tasks’
Click ‘Run Virtual’
and added a checkbox to Create a virtual desktop shortcut.

The application is correctly installed on Container (C:\VTRoot), but the shortcut created on the real desktop is linked to the Setup.exe of the application, not to the real EConnect.exe file, so clicking on this shortcut, the installation procedure restarts.

What’s is the best way to run a virtualized application installed on a Comodo Container?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah because you used the setup application as the target for the run virtual task, run virtual desktop and look for the application shortcut that is usually created when installing applications. Or run a contained instance of windows explorer and browse to the install directory from within the contained explorer instance and run it from there.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Application works fine in Virtual desktop, but I also tried your second option, so I run a contained instance of explorer.exe, and placed a shortcut on the real desktop.
Next I changed the destination in the shortcut properties from:

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\virtkiosk.exe” -v C:\Windows\explorer.exe


“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\virtkiosk.exe” -v “C:\Program Files (x86)\EndianConnect\EConnect.exe”

In this way I can run a contained instance of EConnect (but could be every other application that needs to be installed) from a shortcut on the desktop.