Running a virtual desktop

When I run a virtual desktop I choose not to install CD or silverlight. It loads up fine and seems to run fine. However when I make changes to my browser ie addons or theme changes these remain in place when I exit the virtual desktop I have also tried resetting the container to no avail. Question is could rouge addons etc be installed in this desktop or am I missing the point? Cheers

Hi lyn,

Thank you for reporting, We will check this issue.

Hi This only occurs on running a virtual desktop but not if choose to run an application virtual. Thanks

Did this ever get resolved?

If you add a bookmark to your browser in virtual desktop and then exit virtual desktop and reset the container and then start virtual desktop again is the added bookmark then still present in your browser?
I did the same thing (using Firefox) a while ago and the bookmark was gone after container reset.

I just changed to another Theme in Firefox running in virtual desktop.
After closing Firefox and closing virtual desktop I did reset the container and started virtual desktop and Firefox again.
The Theme change was reverted (as expected).

Also tried the same thing with disabling an add-on in Firefox running in virtual desktop and after container reset the add-on was enabled again (also as expected).

So it seems to work fine on my end (also without having CD and Silverlight installed).

Hi lyn,

Our backend team has tested this and found no such issue. Do you still have this problem or did we missed something to understand the issue reported by you.


I think it is also useful to know what OS and CIS version you’re using.
My above tests were done on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and CIS It could be that virtual desktop / containment behaves differently on other OS’s as already reported by other users.

Your using an old config that had exceptions to allow write access to the browser profile location.

Old config? If you mean proactive, firewall or internet setting it happens on them all.

Win10 latest CIS


Which browser were you using?
Have you tried with Firefox?

Waterfox. I haven’t tried firefox but edge does the same as waterfox.

As a hint:

If you would like to try with Firefox but do not want to install Firefox on your computer polluting your system you can use Firefox Portable version.
Firefox anf Firefox Portable are one and the same thing, the only difference is that Firefox Portable puts all its files (including your profile) into one directory of your choice when installing it.
So if you want to uninstall / remove Firefox Portable from your computer without leaving a trace on your computer just simply delete the directory in which Firefox Portable was installed.

You’ll find Firefox Portable here (pick your language from the Localizations download list): Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition

(There is no Waterfox Portable version that I could try.)

I may try firefox portable. Strange thing is if I put a waterfox shortcut on my desktop before running a virtual desktop then run it from that I get firewall alerts and it wont load my homepage. If I run my taskbar shortcut it runs but as I said any changes remain after reseting sandbox.

Do the same things happen when you run Waterfox in containment? (Do reset containment first)
Does it behave as expected then?

Hi This what I did.
I run a virtual desktop, select no for dragon & silverlight , switch to windows view, run waterfox or microsoft edge, disable an addon, close browser, close virtual desktop, reset sandbox, open browser and addon remains disabled.Win 10, latest cis with proactive config although this happens on the other two settings also.

Hi If I run waterfox in containment I get firewall alerts why I answer yes but my homepage won’t load. I will try altering an addon in that mode now.

I think there it goes wrong.
You have to start Waterfox inside Virtual Desktop (do not switch to windows view).
Switching to windows view does run everything on your real windows desktop not on the virtual desktop and any changes made are saved in your real file system.

No if I create a desktop shortcut for waterfox in non virtual mode then run it in virtual I get firewall alerts. I answer yes to them all but I cannot access the net so that’s useless but on the plus side changed addons revert back to normal.