Run Safer Option for Browser


Sorry if this has been asked before but is there a run safer option (reduced rights etc) for my IE browser sessions? Or does D+ automatically default to a run safer option like Online Armor. I’m trying to understand this security program and find it better than the rest.


There is no run safer option. That feature is on in OA. D+ is the HIPS part of Comodo but if you want then the best thing to do is make either IE or FF a web browser under the firewall settings. Go to the Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and make IE and FF a web browser by right clicking on them and then editing it from the predefined policy’s. Any reason you want to limit your browser?

Hmm - I tend to use TRUSTED APPLICATION for firefox 3.

How I currently see it, Firefox is trusted and doesn’t do anything malicious. If Firefox downloads a nasty without my knowing, that’s ok - Because the new executable will be alerted to me by D+.

Is there any benefit to running as a WEB BROWSER? Against TRUSTED APPLICATION?

Just look at the rule difference once applied. More rules under web browser.

thank you for the replys. I think limiting the browser session is a good idea being that there are some web sites not on the up and up. Vista has that protected mode thing and I have used Geswall on my Win XP machines. However, I would like to use the least amount of security software as possible. I thought using comodos firewall with D+ and Avast Home was a good start. I will try what you suggested Vette and set IE up only as a Web Browser. I saw that option but thought I’d ask you guys.

thanks again

Avast and Comodo make a great combo. If you want some more protection then sandbox your browser which is what I do. Also always use Firefox.

Web browser policy refers to CFP firewall level and it does not feature complete inbound privileges as the trusted policy.

As for CFP Defense+ level I prefer to use a custom policy and avoid to mark web browser as trusted application.

AFAIK CFP should be able to mimic DropMyRights behaviour after some additional LocalSecurityAuthority pseudocom entries are added to My protected COM Interfaces

In reading all the info on safe browsing I do not see anyone suggest which is excellent in my opinion.

Any thoughts from the CFP folk on Scandoo?

I’ve used it about 2 years and have never encountered problems or unidentified - unsafe websites.

Interested in your opinion.


This question may be !ot! however, with various programs that have been suggested to use to enhance CFP for total security and safety while surfing the internet it seems a reply would be helpful to everyone for safety when conducting internet searches.

Hopefully, a moderator will answer this question. Can Scandoo work with CFP’s “SafeSurfer” and what is your opinion of Scandoo? It works with IE, FF and Opera according to their website. I use it with IE and FF.

I am the most cautious and security conscious person I know. It is imperative to utilize all tools available to prevent going into websites that can potentially cause extreme or moderately extreme damage to computers.

Also, if a pop-up gets through to your computer never click on the ignore or cancel button as this can potentially allow the sender to infect your PC. Carefully click the X in the upper corner to close the window.

I never click on a link before checking it with Scandoo. If an email contains a link that does not contain the URL path, place the curser on the link and the path will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. Keeping the curser on the link I then can see it to type it into the search window to allow Scandoo to check it w/ search engine. alerts users (depending on your settings preferences) if the site is known to infect computers, install malware/spyware or is a pornographic site, Scandoo offers a variety of selections for the user preferences as well as alert for bugs & malicious sites. You know right away what to avoid and it takes out the guessing game when searching.

There are a million other things to do before using a web site like Scandoo. Why check every site you want to visit with them. The internet is a free world. Go where you want to go. Thats what I do. If I want to visit a porn site or warez site I will. This is why you have a good firewall and av. Also if I am going to do any unsafe surfing I use Sandboxie. McAfee Site Advisor is the same thing.

Certainly, anyone is “free” to go to any site of their choosing. I specifically stated one can select “preference settings” with Scandoo. No need for the sarcasim.

My question is : Will Scandoo work with CFP’s SafeSurfer? Scandoo automatically installs in your browser search box and is used in conjunction with your search engine. It is so simple to install and use that’s it’s almost transparent. Settings preferences is not required; it is an option.

I don’t want to install Sandboxie - don’t have children and seems more than what I need. I don’t want to purchase McAfee product, either. Scandoo is free and is installed into the browser search box automatically - with just one click the install takes one second to complete.

FYI - Week ago Friday, my friend, who has a very good firewall and A/V, googled an inquiry and selected a site he thought was the correct one. After clicking on the site a pop-up alerted him that the site contained a malicious code but the way the site is constructed he was prevented from doing anything to prevent the site from destroying his computer. If the search was done using scandoo it would have immediately shown a big red bug to the left side of the search results and thereby preventing the destruction of his computer.

Took the IT guys several days to clean the computer and reformat/reinstall everything. Case in point that one can never be too cautious. I didn’t get all the specifics but from what the IT guys said it contained a code that would provide the alert that you’ve been “had” but the FW and A/V would not be able to stop the destructive initiated by the code.

We all have choices and a well informed decision is better than being in the dark.

McAfee Site Advisor and Sandboxie are free. Sandboxie has nothing to do with having children. I dont use the Safe Surf tool bar cause I do not feel the need for it. Just install Scandoo and see what happens. Scandoo cannot protect you but only warn you. WOT is friendlier and easier to use the Scandoo.