Run only firewall


I’ve been using the comodo firewall for quite a few years now. Recently I got error messages and did a full removal and then reinstalled. Unfortunately I just cant seem to be able to only use the firewall now. If I deactivate the other components, I get a crossed over comodo icon warning me that the real time antivirus is deactivated. I just cant seem to get rid of that warning. Any ideas how ONLY use the firewall these days?

Regards /Frispel

You’ll have to uncheck the Anti Virus option when doing the initial install, so only the Firewall is installed

I think I might have installed everything the first time I tried it, but then I removed and tried to install only the firewall. But the antivirus was still there. And I never notice a potion not to install the antivirus when installing just the firewall…

But funnily enough, when I tried to uninstall the last time, I noticed the option to change components instead of uninstalling, and there I could choose not to have the antivirus. So now I am happily just using the firewall again. Thanks! ;D